Use the Internet to find out information about animal. Make notes about these things:
1. What animal group does it belong to?
2. What does it look like? (scales, fur, etc)
3. Does it lay eggs?
4. Where does it live? (on land, in the water, erc)
5. Are there any interesting facts about this animal?

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    The giraffe is a mammal.
    The giraffe has extremely long neck and legs and horn-like ossicones.
    They dont lay eggs.
    It lives in Africa.
    It lives on land.
    It is interesting to know that a giraffe has a long tongue and a huge heart.
    Their skin is too strong that is why they arent afraid of cuts or bleeding.Also a giraffe can stock up on water and then go without drinking for long periods of time.They can run for long distances as fast as a horse.

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