ImageimageУпражнение 2 Прочитайте текст и выполните задания 1-6, обведя букву Л, В, С или D, соответствующую варианту ответа, который вы считаете наиболее правильным. Do you believe in fairies? Ron Black has just published a book on fairies and their secret lives. In his book he is trying to prove that fairies exist and live everywhere around us. There are different types of fairies. Some of them are good and they always help people. Other fairies are very hard to please. When they get angry, they can even steal a human child or make you very ill. Fairies live not just under flowers and leaves in gardens, but also in our homes. There was a custom in some countries to leave something to eat and drink in the corners where people thought the fairies were the most active. Today, as Ron Black writes, people forget to feed fairies properly. Thats why there are so many wars and conflicts in the world. But does Ron Black really believe in fairies? Has he ever seen one? When we asked such a question, he only smiled. Then he took out a plan of his house and showed where they live in his place: brownies in the bathroom, goblins in the kitchen and pixies in the bedroom upstairs. So who knows? Lets try. The next time Ive got a headache, I will remember to leave some milk in the corner of the bathroom. 1 Ron Black wrote his book to A describe one typical fairy. В Prove the existence of fairies. С characterise good fairies. D detail the bad luck brought by some fairies. 2 The old custom shows that A fairies in the past were more active than today. В people in the past werent very serious. С wars happen when fairies are hungry. D people once believed in fairies. 3 In Rons home A there are three types of fairies. В brownies are the most active. С one type of fairy lives downstairs. D the fairies want a lot of food. 4 The authors final comment shows that A she has always believed in fairies. В she doesnt want to hurt Ron Black. С her headache is really strong. D she thinks Ron Black may be right.

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