Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the underlined verbs.
1. I dont FEEL very well. I wish I __________ better.
2. I HAVENT got much money. I wish I _______ more.
3. I only SPEAK my language. I wish I _________ English.
4. ItS very hot. I wish it __________ cooler.
5. I CANT swim very well. I wish I _________ faster.
6. Mike IS very sad today. I wish he ________happier.
7. Maths is a really difficult subject. I wish it ___________ so hard.
8. My sister CANT COOK. I wish he ___________ a simple meal.
9. The teacher always GIVES us a lot of homevork. I wish she ____________ us so much.
10. Dave IS in Spain. I wish I ____________ with him.

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