Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets.
Last Monday I (1)____________(to get) home at 4:30 pm? a little later than usual. I (2)___________(to stay) longer at school because my teacher (3)_______________(to want) to discuss my test results. So? I was in a good mood when I (4)____________(to arrive) home! Unfortunately? that (5)_______________(to last) long. When I (6)___________(to open) the front door? there (7)___________(to be) water all over the floor. My mother (8)_____________(to leave) a tap running in the bathroom earlier and shr (9)_______________(to go) out. Ther water (10)________________(to come) through the celing. It (11)____________(to cost) a fortune to repair.

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    1got   2stayed  3 wanted  4arrived  5lasted  6opened  7was  8left  9 went   10came   11cost

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