Choose the correct option to form second conditional sentences.
No mother would have sent/would send a child to anything so awful if she is not/ were not in such misery herself!
I wouldn’t / mustn’t be surprised if we will turn / turned out to be ordinary humans, after all.
If Maggie looked/ would look out his eyes, would she / did she come away from the terrifying experience?
If the captain was / had shipwrecked, and you wanted/ want to rescue him in a boat, he would want / will want to know who was rowing the boat before he would get / got in.
The transfer will / would be easier if she would have /had no idea what was happening.
The East India Company can / could break Miguel’s control, if it can increase / increased the coffee amount on the market.
If my brother were / had to blame he will/ would ask your forgiveness.
If this could / was be arranged there will be/ would be nothing left for Chris to do.
It would look / will look as if we were / had been conspiring.
If it werent / wouldn’t be for the pain and disgrace Sue would be / will be willing to end it all.

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